Where do you get your signs?/ Do you buy signs?

Our customized Neon signs are a 100% factory-made, with experienced designers at work in real time with real expertise wanting to deliver the best products possible.

What are the different 'backing' options available for my custom design?

You will first need to fill the custom-request form and then our expertly incorporated staff will guide you through all of your sign related enquieries.

What is the cost of operating a Neon light?

Your custom neon sign consumes energy equivalent to that consumed by a light bulb. It generally does not take more than 6 dollars a month i.e if you have it turned on 24/7 throughout the month.

Is there a return policy?

We make customized neon sign only after a consent from the customer which makes it impossible for us to accept a return on these signs. However if it is stock sign we can accept a return with 25% restocking fee.

How far will my neon letters be legible/ readable?

The bigger the letters, the further it deems readable. The smallest size of letter i.e. 4 inches is legible as far as 156ft.

Do you ship your products to Canada?

Yes, We do ship to Canada.

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